SERVPRO of North Oakland County Employee Photos

Noura Hannosh

Noura is our Office Manager and runs the show back in Troy.  Without her... well, we don't function.  Noura enjoys shopping, cooking, eating and generally having fun!  She is our moral compass and will never accept a compliment.

Wendy Heid

Wendy is our Production Manager and Restoration Wizard.  She knows everything and everyone.  Don't mess with her. :-)  Enjoys taking care of her family and pets when she’s not taking care of our family!

Perry Gray

Perry is our Marketing Representative and Business Development.  He has a broad range of random knowledge (great at trivia!) and should have been born in the Samurai times.  Proficient in Japanese and very good swimmer.  Never heard him say a bad thing about anyone.

Anthony Harper

Anthony is a Crew Chief and has been with SERVPRO for 10 years.  He is certified as a Water Remediation Technician from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and has completed our rigorous SERVPRO ECTP program. He strives to make sure our customers have a positive experience during the mitigation process.  Anthony is a great team player!!

Rueben Paramo

Rueben has been with SERVPRO for 25 years.  He is certified as a Water Remediation Technician from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and has completed our rigorous SERVPRO ECTP program. He is always the first one in and last to leave.  Carpet cleaning prodigy… If he can’t remove the stain, it’s not coming out!!

Zachary Sharf

Co-Owner and Head Honcho.  “The Man with the plan.”  Self-employed in the construction and restoration industries since 2006 and was General Manager of a local SERVPRO franchise for 4 years before purchasing his own franchise.  Certified as a Water Remediation Technician, Fire & Smoke Restoration Technician (FSRT) and Applied Structural Drying (ASD).  Enjoys spending time with his two daughters and playing disc golf when not saving people’s homes.

Joseph Jonna

Co-Owner: Started in Commercial Construction and Real Estate by joining family business in 2003, and expanded into residential construction in 2011.  Licensed builder in Michigan.  Proud graduate of Michigan State University.  2nd job is coaching various athletic teams for three sons.  

Shaun Bandy

Shaun is our Recon & Project Manager and has been in construction for 23 yrs.  He has been a contractor for SERVPRO for 14 yrs., and has been part of our SERVPRO team since the beginning.  He can fix almost anything, and is a great problem solver.  He’s always happy and has the most patience out of anyone we know!  In his free time he loves spending it with his family and being creative with his main hobbies:  mixed media art, wood working and great music!