Commercial Photo Gallery

This is an example of the effected walls with mold before we started the remediation.

Mold can grow where you least expect it.

When too much wallpaper solution, or glue, is used when adhering your wallpaper, mold can grow over time.  This is what happened at a Senior Living Center in Troy, MI.  They were re-doing a few things inside the center.  When they wanted to paint this room and were removing the wallpaper, they noticed all of the mold on the walls.  SERVPRO of North Oakland County came in and helped with the mold remediation. 

Cooking Oil Spill

This cooking oil spill was in Troy, MI and with a nationally recognized franchise restaurant.  We received a direct call from them and helped out.  The commercial sized cooking oil container had an area where it was leaking and, wow, was it a mess!  Even the smallest spills can cause headaches.  We were very happy to have been able to help.

Commercial Downtime is no good

This engineering contractor & architectural firm had to have all of it's files moved to the other half of their building in order for us to extract the 2 inches of water that covered their floor.  In Berkley, MI.

Toilets running over the weekend can do some damage

This was a business in Berkley, MI.  A urinal ran over the weekend, unnoticed and when Monday came around... Wow.  What a surprise!  Water was everywhere covering half of their building.  This was "clean" water, but still a very large mess.

Commercial Mold In Walls

This is the finished look at a car dealership.  They had MOLD in a few of their walls after rain had leaked through their dealership ceiling.  We removed it no problem.  Call us today! 248-439-1160.

Commercial Business Interruption From Water Damage

Anytime your Business is interrupted with a Loss, whether it be from an overflowing urinal, ice maker water line, OR inclement weather that brings Wind, Rain and Flooding, you feel like there is a personal storm raging. The hours spent dealing with a loss means downtime, less productivity and loss of revenue. 

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