Fire Damage Photo Gallery

row of houses with middle house on fire

Tragedy Strikes At The Worst Times

A recent condo fire in Troy, MI.  Our client was on vacation and received a call from a family member telling her that her condo unit had a large fire.  Just when you think everything is ok with your home, disaster strikes at your neighbors home and you are now without a place to live and your personal belongings are ruined.  We are in the process of helping our client with any contents that can be saved, cleaned and restored.  The condo is 100% effected and it's a very large loss.

Electrical Fire

This is a picture of the damaged dryer in an Madison Heights, MI home.  Thankfully the fire was put out fairly quickly, but the smoke damage was pretty significant throughout the home.  We had a lot of cleaning to do, but we were very happy to help out!

Place where a fire started

This fire was in Birmingham, MI.  After the fire was started, the home sprinkler system was activated and the whole home had water and smoke damage.  Big loss, but we came through for the client.

Air Compressor = Fire

This air compressor caught fire and burned.  The home water extinguisher system was triggered and it saved the home from a complete burn, but the water and smoke damage and overall loss was severe!  

Grease Fire In The Kitchen

You can never be too careful when cooking in the kitchen.  This was a result from using a deep fryer in the kitchen, causing a pretty significant loss.  The kitchen was destroyed and the ensuing water and smoke damage was severe throughout the home.

Fire Damage Causes A Lot Of Other Damage

When a fire damage happens, we recommended that you limit the foot traffic in the home to prevent soot particles from being transferred to areas of the home not effected with soot damage. This also helps prevent particles from embedded in the carpet. The use of clean towels or old linens on high traffic areas is very helpful as well.