Water Damage Photo Gallery

This is an example of water damage before we started the mitigation.  Water has spread all across the floor of the classroom.

Burst Pipes Can Bring Serious Headaches Right Before School Starts

This is in Madison Heights, MI.  The Head of School went into the school over the weekend to pick up some things and wow did she ever get an unpleasant surprise.  Most of the classrooms were effected along with the teachers lounge.  Many school items and business documents were damaged, unfortunately.  

Disaster Hits Hard

This was an unfortunate incident.  This was a residence in Oakland County where the local police did a wellness check and found the owner of the home deceased.  There was 2 feet of water in the basement!  The water source was unknown when we pumped out the water, but ultimately the home was condemned.

Carpet is like a sponge

A pipe break on the 3rd floor effected the whole house.  Water went everywhere throughout the house including the basement here. All of the carpet was ruined.  Please call SERVPRO of North Oakland County today!  248-439-1160 

Water Everywhere

Water in the basement was over an inch high initially.  SERVPRO of North Oakland County came in and extracted the water, dried and disinfected the floors. Please call us today if you have something similar!  248-439-1160

Water Damage In Basement

This is in the basement of a home and water from the kitchen leaked into the basement.  The initial loss was from a water line that led into a refrigerator and the line became unfastened and leaked all over the kitchen floor.

Ceiling Damage From A Burst Pipe

This is a picture the foyer area of a home due to a water damage from the upstairs bathroom.  This burst pipe caused widespread damage throughout the home.  All ceilings and walls were effected.