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Why SERVPRO Testimonials

The restaurant where I manage in Troy, MI had not had a thorough, professional cleaning in quite some time.  We called SERVPRO of North Oakland County because we heard that they did these types of cleanings.  We were impressed with the work they did.  All of the kitchen was cleaned, floors, walls, food prep areas, etc.  We were very happy with the result and would recommend them to other restaurants. 

Back in August we had a huge amount of water get in our basement after a huge rainfall. I'm an avid vinyl collector and the basement is where most of my collection is. I lost quite a few, unfortunately and probably would have lost more if it had not been for the people of SERVPRO of North Oakland County. They did a fantastic job with the relocation and storage of all our valuables and things in the basement that potentially could have been ruined for good. They did such an amazing job.

Thank you to Zach and his Team at SERVPRO of North Oakland County. The Birmingham, MI flood drains backed up and we had 1 inch of water throughout 60% of our basement. Within an hour SERVPRO had a team of 4 to our home and all the right equipment to keep damage to a minimum. Bless you all.

Had an emergency toilet overflow and did not notice until the next morning. SERVPRO of North Oakland County was there ASAP to resolve my issue.  We're very happy that we were able to get such great service.

Back in May we noticed mold in one spot of our basement.  We were about ready to have our home inspected because we were going to list it.  We called SERVPRO of North Oakland County to have them take a look and we're glad we did.  Not only was there mold in the one area, but it had spread to other areas behind drywall that we couldn't see.  Had they not found the other mold we would have been in trouble.  They saved us a lot of time and money.  Definitely recommend them!

In July of 2017 I had an issue at my home and SERVPRO of North Oakland County helped out.  I have an old home and the AC unit is above my ceiling in my bedroom.  Well, it was leaking for an extended period of time and ultimately the water affected the ceiling dry wall and it got so heavy that it fell through to my bed!  Thankfully, I was not injured when the ceiling fell through.  SERVPRO of North Oakland County came through for me.  They cleaned up the mess and also rebuilt my ceiling.  Thank you so much!  - Sharon G. in Southfield, MI